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Planning ahead, for the health of pets.

Fetch! is a quarterly pet health magazine chock-full of vet-written and -reviewed content, published by Petplan, America's best-loved pet insurance company. Its mission is to help educate pet parents, so that their pets remain happy, healthy, and ready to ... fetch!

fetch! editorial calendars, 2014/2015
(all dates noted fall on Fridays unless otherwise noted)


Volume 19: The Scratch/Sniff Issue (Spring)
Ad Closing: Jan. 3  |  Materials Due: Jan. 10  |  In-Home: Feb. 21
• Hot Spots and Mangy Mutts: Common Skin Conditions in Pets
• Starting from Scratch: Relieving Allergy Ailments
• The Nose Knows: Sniffing Out Secrets of Your Pet’s Sense of Smell

Volume 20: The Shiny Happy Pets Issue (Summer)
Ad Closing: April 4  |  Materials Due: April 11  |  In-Home: May 23
• Weathering the Storm: Supporting Pets with Emotional Issues
• Furry Therapy: Why Visits From Pets Are Positive for Patients
• Uppers and Downers: Taking a Closer Look at Veterinary Narcotics

Volume 21
The Rescue Me Issue (Fall)
Ad Closing: July 6*  |  Materials Due: July 13* |  In-Home: Aug. 22
• Shelter Me: The Pet Parent's Guide to Mapping Out Disaster Preparation 
• Hidden Gems: Why Special Needs Pets Can Make the Best Friends
• Close Quarters: Protecting Pets from Contagious Conditions

Volume 22: The Guts & Glory Issue (Winter/Holiday)
Ad Closing: Oct. 3  |  Materials Due: Oct. 10  |  In-Home: Nov. 21
• Tails from the Front Lines: Stories of Remarkably Brave Pets
• Wags of Steel: Working Out Obesity in Pets
• Worming Their Way In: The Dirt on Intestinal Parasites

* falls on a Saturday


Volume 23: The Lickety Fit Issue (Spring)
Ad Closing: Jan. 2  | Materials Due: Jan. 9  | In-Home: Feb. 20
• Going Pro: Activities and Sports for Four-Pawed Com-pet-itors
• On the Bench: Avoiding Injury in Athletic Animals
• Downward Dog: Exercising Alongside Furry Friends

Volume 24: The Sun & Surf Issue (Summer)
Ad Closing: April 3  | Materials Due: April 10  | In-Home: May 22
Details coming soon!

Volume 25: The In the Doghouse Issue (Fall)
Ad Closing: July 6  | Materials Due: July 13  | In-Home: Aug. 22
Details coming soon!

Volume 26: The Puppy Love Issue (Winter)
Ad Closing:
Oct. 2  | Materials Due: Oct. 9  | In-Home: Nov. 20
Details coming soon!


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