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Expert pet health tips purr-fect for any walk of life from Petplan’s team of veterinary experts.
  • kidney conondrum

    It is the kidney’s job to filter toxins from the blood, and each kidney contains thousands of microscopic filtr...  

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  • end-of-life love

    Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, our furry friends have access to superior diagnostic techniques and treatm...  

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  • body of evidence

    Your pet may seem young at heart, but his age may tell a different story. While U.S. pet parents are technically cons...  

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  • dazed and confused

    Do you remember that woozy feeling you had as a kid after you just stepped off of a fast merry-go-round, or how dizzy...  

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  • take the pressure off

    Whether you’re helping your pet recover from an accident or severe illness, or providing long-term care for a p...  

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  • water in mind
    There’s not much that can top bringing home a new fur baby — who can resist puppy breath and kitten cud...  
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  • helping H2O

    Post-operative rehabilitation and physical therapy go together just swimmingly — literally! Pet parents may thi...  

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  • digging up danger

    Dogs who dig in the dirt often don’t do it to drive you daft. Your furry friend may dig for a variety of reason...  

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  • grooming brush-up

    For many pets, grooming is as simple as a bath, blow-dry and nail trim, but some breeds need a bit more than “w...  

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  • right on the mark

    Let me guess — you’re probably put off by the smell of pet urine, right? But your dogs and cats couldn't ...  

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  • comfortably numb

    Paralysis can be a devastating diagnosis for pet parents to hear ― but...  

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  • fit n' frisky felines

    Many pet parents have witnessed their kittens effortlessly climbing, p...  

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  • just in the lick of time

    Splashing and swimming can be great fun for furry friends, but even ex...  

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  • licking the lumps

    Every once in a while, you might wake up to find that your four-legged...  

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  • tread lightly

    When the weather outside is frightful, we tend to hunker down inside w...  

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  • taking a dangerous turn

    Bloat (gastric dilatation and volvulus, or GDV) is a terrifying concern of all dog owner...  

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