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Getting a discount on your cat insurance is as easy as enrolling online. Literally.

At Petplan, we’re committed to helping you cut your costs, without ever compromising your cat’s health insurance coverage. That’s why we offer a variety of money-saving discounts* which can be combined, up to a maximum of 15% (20% for veterinary professionals), ensuring you get the best value for your pet insurance policy.  

Online Discount: 5%
Get an automatic 5% discount on your cat’s health insurance just for enrolling online.

Multiple Pet Discount: 10%
More than one pet? Insure your entire four-legged family (dogs included!) with Petplan and you’ll get a 10% discount for each pet you enroll after the first one.

Medical Services Pet Discount: 10%
In appreciation of the noble work they perform, Petplan offers a 10% discount for medical services cats. 

Veterinary Professionals Discount: 15%
Next to our pets of course, veterinary professionals (staff and students) are our heroes, which is why we offer a 15% discount to veterinary professionals on all Petplan pet insurance policies. Learn more about our program for vets today!

Veterans and Serving Military Discount: 10%

In recognition of the invaluable service they provide, Petplan offers a 10% discount for any serving or retired member of the Armed Forces. Please call 1-866-467-3875 and one of our Sales Team will be delighted to apply your discount to your pet insurance policy premium.

Employee Benefit Plan Discount: 10%
Pet insurance is the third most requested and fastest growing voluntary employee benefit.*; And as America’s best-loved pet insurance provider, it’s no surprise that Petplan is the pet insurance of choice for some of the nation’s best companies. Learn more about how your company’s employees can benefit from including Petplan as part of your Group Benefit Plan. 

Strategic Partner Discount: 5%
Petplan offers a 5% discount to Strategic Partners of Petplan. If your organization is interested in becoming a Strategic Partner, please contact us at 1-866-467-3875.
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