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Everyone claims they provide comprehensive and extensive pet insurance coverage, but that’s often far from true. Conduct a proper pet insurance comparison between Petplan and other insurance providers below!*

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Is the company rated 9 or above by pet parents in independent reviews on PetInsuranceReview.com?
Petplan is consistently rated among the top by pet parents for customer satisfaction. Current Rating: 9.2 out of 10 (2,042 total reviews - May 21, 2014).
Current Rating: 7.9 out of 10 (1,416 total reviews - May 21, 2014).
Are hereditary and congenital conditions covered as standard on all policies, without additional riders or surcharges?
Petplan policies include coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions as standard with no riders or surcharges.
Hereditary and congenital conditions are not covered under any of the plans.
Are all chronic conditions covered, for the life of the pet, as standard without maximum payout limits?
Chronic conditions are covered if they are not pre-existing and have not occurred during the waiting period. After your pet's policy is in place, all chronic conditions will continue to be covered fo...
In order to be eligible for chronic condition coverage, your pet must be enrolled in the "Continuing Care" rider before he or she is eight (8) years old. However, even with the additional rider, your ...
Are all alternative and holistic therapies covered as standard?
Petplan covers all alternative and holistic therapies as standard, provided these treatments are performed by a licensed veterinarian.
Alternative and holistic therapies are not covered.
Are prescription medications covered?
Prescription medications are covered as standard. Additionally, Petplan is the only pet insurance provider to offer coverage for the whole cost of food prescribed to dissolve urinary crystals.
Traditional prescription drugs are covered but holistic medications are not covered.
Does the policy cover my pet's veterinary accident or illness exam fee?
Vet exam fees are covered by Petplan policies, including exams performed by specialized vets.
Vet exams are reimbursed at 80% of the "usual and customary" costs.
Is it free to enroll my pet?
With Petplan, enrollment is free. Better yet, Petplan offers a 30-day money back guarantee, provided you haven't filed a claim.
The ASPCA does not charge an enrollment fee.
Is the company's underwriter rated by A.M. Best?
Petplan is proud to offer policies underwritten by AGCS Marine Insurance Company, a member of the Allianz Group -- the world's largest property and casualty insurer group (based on revenues, Fortune G...
ASPCA pet insurance policies are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, rated "A" by A.M. Best (outlook: stable) as of May, 2011.

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policies by AGCS Marine Insurance Company, an Allianz company

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