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  • “tails”
             from fetch!

  • tails-of-the-unexpected
Our pets' ability to triumph in the face of unexpected adversity is nothing short of inspiring. Petplan is proud to help protect these, and all the members of our Petplan family, come what may.
  • sweetie snookums snugglebear

    Sometimes a nickname is just a term of endearment. But for Mischief, a King Charles Cavalier, owner Anna DiCiccone isn't...

  • three of a kind

    When it comes to expressions, Lauren Parry and her trio of feline family members like to turn things on their head. For ...

  • on wounded knee

    Who would ever look at this face and think “nightmare?” Well, probably nobody except D’Artagnan’...

  • look before you leap

    Superstitious? Then we’ve got a tail for you. The scary part? It’s actually true; according to Petplan claim...

  • you are what you eat

    Let’s face it, we all know that dogs will eat anything. Or maybe here at Petplan we just think that because we han...

  • trading places

    When you have two dogs, the fun just never stops (if that’s what you want to call it). Fortunately, at least Elton...

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