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  • “tails”
             from fetch!

  • tails-of-the-unexpected
Our pets' ability to triumph in the face of unexpected adversity is nothing short of inspiring. Petplan is proud to help protect these, and all the members of our Petplan family, come what may.
  • trouble comes in pairs

    Just ask Zabka and Sophie, four-legged play pals. One afternoon, a game of fetch accidentally knocked a bottle of ibupro...

  • the journey of life

    For some puppies, their journey into this world can be as interesting as their time in it. That’s certainly the ca...

  • the long and winding road

    Life is hopefully a long and winding road for our pets — one that’s not beset by anything more than a bump o...

  • a breath of fresh air

    It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. As an obedience instructor, Judy Cerney knows that phrase well, bu...

  • finding nemo

    Whenever Michelle Kuo is having trouble “finding Nemo,” all she has to do is check outside. “He loves ...

  • doggone lucky

    The saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat.” In this case, it almost killed the dog. Walking in the park, Bo...

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