Protecting the pets we love. For life.

Get the most comprehensive pet health insurance in one simple plan.

Welcome to a better breed of pet insurance

Petplan understands your pet's unique needs. That's why we offer the most flexible coverage with the widest range of benefits and cover vet bills up to 90%.

Why Petplan pet health insurance?

We don't discriminate

Some providers deny pet insurance coverage for pets past a certain age. We invite all dogs and cats six weeks old and above to enroll.


We'll never terminate your policy because your pet is sick. We do lifetime coverage for long-term illnesses, so your pet can get the treatment they deserve.

Unexpected vet visit? Here’s how Petplan pet insurance works


Get treatment

Visit any licensed veterinarian in the U.S. or Canada. For those times when your pup thinks the remote is for dinner.


File a claim

Submit a pet health insurance claim online or from your phone with the Petplan app. Because less paperwork is the best kind.


Be reimbursed

Look out for a wallet refill in around 5 to 14 days. Until then, no extra pet store trips (sorry, buddy).

Note: Petplan, like most other pet insurance providers, does not cover routine and preventive visits, pre-existing conditions, or elective procedures.

Because pets are family

We’re animal lovers just like you. We started Petplan pet insurance to give you the coverage, support and resources you need to be the best pet parent ever.

Come join the pack

Choose from different reimbursement options that fit you. But first, let’s get to know your pet.