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Thanks for sniffing us out online for February’s downloadable health tip!

The dish on periodontal disease 

This month, we’re mouthing off about periodontal disease. Did you know that simply brushing your pet’s teeth can help prevent periodontal disease – which can add two to five years to your pet’s life? Dental disease affects more than just the teeth; it can have serious repercussions for the heart, liver and kidneys, too. Check out this month’s tip to learn what causes periodontal disease, how to treat it and what kind of costs you can expect when getting unhealthy teeth back into tip top shape.

Did you know?

There’s an issue of fetch! magazine all about mouths. Click here to read it now!

  • Is your pet prone to developing dental disease? Use our Condition Checker to find out!
  • What you put into your pet’s mouth matters – that goes for food, treats and toys. Learn the link between diet and dental health as Dr. Ernie Ward discusses matters of the mouth in our Vets for Pets blog.
  • Are you a pet parent to a toy breed? Unfortunately, these pocket-sized pups experience some oversized problems with their pearly whites.  Read Dr. Kim Smyth’s primer on toy breeds and dental disease in our Vets for Pets blog.
  • Brace yourself – dogs sometimes need orthodontics, too! Could your pet benefit from getting braces? Click here to find out!

Download your February health tip today! 

Remember to bookmark this site and check back for next month’s tip, or ask for a copy at your vet’s office! Here’s to a month of good health for you and your furry friends.

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