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Thanks for sniffing us out online for this month’s downloadable health tip.

Listen up! This month’s Health Tip is all about ears: short, long, floppy or pointy, all pets are prone to ear infections from time to time. We dish advice for when pets start to itch, tell you all about treatment and break down the costs. We even give you our prescription for healthy ears.

Did you know?

  • There’s an issue of fetch! magazine all about ears. Click here to read it now!
  • Is your pet prone to hearing loss or other hereditary ear diseases? Use our Condition Checker to find out!
  • Your pet’s ears can actually help him heal, relieve anxiety and lower blood pressure. How? Through music therapy. Learn why classical music can hit all the right notes in our Vets for Pets blog.
  • Considering cropping your dog’s ears? Get a veterinarian’s perspective on the issue from Dr. Kim Smyth in our Vets for Pets blog.
  • Hearing loss isn’t uncommon, but did you know there are four classifications of deafness that can affect our pets? Think you know what they are? Click here to find out!

Remember to bookmark this site and check back for next month’s tip, or ask for a copy at your vet’s office! Here’s to a month of good health for you and your furry friends.

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