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Shower pets with the healthy habits in our April health tip and they’ll bloom well beyond just the month of May. In this edition, we’ll needle you to get to the vet for vaccinations, and tell you why they’re an essential part of pet care.

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Did you know?

Leptospirosis is one of the most challenging diseases, and as the number of wild animals carrying and shedding it continues to increase, the greater the risk to indoor dogs. The good news is: there’s a vaccine for that. See if your pet could benefit.

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There’s a new weapon in the fight against canine melanoma—a vaccine is helping pets live longer with the disease. While not a preventive shot, the vaccine can improve quality of life in pets during treatment. Learn how it works and who’s a good candidate.

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The core of the matter

Some shots are essential for every pet, while others are administered at the recommendation of your veterinarian. Confused about core vs. non-core vaccines? Our puppy primer has the answers, plus everything you need to know about raising Rover.

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