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Furry friends can find their groove with the help of a little jam session – music therapy has been shown to decrease stress, increase endorphins and improve digestion in pets. Turn up the volume on August’s tips for using music to boost your pet’s mood.

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Did you know?

One of the great things about music therapy in pets is that it’s instantly effective – no waiting around for medications to kick in! Classical music is popular among canines, and you’ll want to be careful to avoid one type of tunes that could agitate pets even more.

Give music therapy a try

Cats won’t get down with just any beat – if you’re trying to make their environment more enriching and interesting, experts say cats prefer a synthesized version of their own purrs and meows. You’ve got to check out these songs for yourself!

Show me music my cat will love

Clean, clear and eager to hear

Keep music to your pet’s ears by making sure they’re squeaky clean. Regular at-home cleanings can ward off ear infections, especially for pets with long, floppy ears and those with a history of infections. Follow these four fool-proof steps for cleaning your pet’s ears, plus tips for handling them correctly.

Help me keep my pet’s ears clean

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