Updated October 3, 2019

Dogs and cats aren‚Äôt always all wiggles and wags ‚Äď they can occasionally show behavioral issues, sometimes due to a change in the household or recent trauma.

If your pet has developed any type of behavioral affliction, your vet might prescribe a medication to help ease his symptoms and keep him safe. 

How behavior medication works

Behavior modification medications, like Prozac, can be used to decrease behavioral symptoms of anxiety, aggressions, phobias and compulsive disorders in our furry friends.

Petplan will reimburse you for the reasonable cost(s) for consultations by a veterinarian to diagnose and treat behavioral disorders during the policy period. This coverage is limited to a $1,000 annual limit.

We will also reimburse the medically necessary reasonable cost of pharmaceuticals that can only be obtained by means of a veterinarian prescription to treat an illness, injury, or behavioral disorder in the quantity of ninety (90) days or less. The most we will pay for this coverage is the maximum annual policy coverage shown on your declarations page. 

While these medications are no quick fix, your vet will be able to work with you to get to the root of your pet‚Äôs behavioral issues. No pet should suffer ‚Äď and with a paw up from Petplan and your vet‚Äôs advice, he‚Äôll be back to wagging in no time.

Sep 18, 2017
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