A common misconception is that kittens and puppies don’t need pet insurance as much as older pets. But as one Petplan policyholder recently discovered, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Pick of the litter

“I adopted Bishop from ACCT Philly, because he was not your typical kitten. He warms up to anyone with time, but is very shy to start. Often when people are looking to adopt, they want that immediate connection, and shy animals like Bishop often get overlooked. I just didn’t think that was fair, so I brought him home,” Ryan recalled.

A few months later, Bishop gave his dad quite the scare. Returning home from work, Ryan immediately noticed that his cat was shaking, crying in pain and struggling to stand. Without waiting a moment longer, Ryan rushed his feline friend to the emergency room to receive fluids, pain medicine and a fever reducer. After hours of this treatment, blood work and X-rays, the veterinarian believed Bishop was dehydrated. The young kitten and his very worried father returned home.

Unfortunately, Bishop’s condition did not improve overnight, so the two went back to the hospital the next morning for more tests. That’s when Ryan heard troubling news: The ultrasound came back negative for foreign body ingestion, but it showed most of Bishop’s organs were inflamed – a common indicator of lymphoma or cancer. The veterinary team needed to conduct a spleen and liver biopsy to be sure, which would mean more time at the hospital, and more money.

Cat insurance to the rescue

“The vet needed a deposit of $1,750 for what could potentially be a bill over $3,500! Knowing that I had cat insurance, I didn’t think twice about moving forward with the care.”

The additional tests allowed the trusted vet team to discover that young Bishop suffered from a bacterial infection. Antibiotics and anti-nausea medications were in order as well as a three-night stay for close monitoring. It was just what Bishop needed! His 108 degree fever broke and he regained his appetite. Bishop is now healthy and playing once with his older brother Ash.

How much did Petplan help out with the bill? Of the total $3,892, Ryan received $3,453 in reimbursement! “If it were not for Petplan, I would have had to make the painful decision that no pet owner wants to make: putting my own livelihood over the life of my pet. Bishop would not be here today if I didn’t protect him early with cat insurance.”

Oct 8, 2019

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