Can dogs eat carrots, or will it turn them into wascawwy wabbits faster than you can say “Elmer Fudd”?

In exciting news for dog owners, you don’t have to shove those crunchy root veggies down a rabbit-hole whenever your pup pads into the kitchen. Carrots are not only safe for dogs to eat, but downright great for their health!

How do hounds love carrots? Let us count the ways!

5 reasons carrots are healthy for pets

1. Carrots contain beta-carotene, which contributes to acute night vision and can help protect against macular degeneration and cataracts.

2. They’re full of vitamin A – important for a shiny, healthy coat.

3. Their anti-oxidant properties help keep cells fresh and youthful (the same anti-aging effect you’ll find in human skin creams).

4. Don’t forget alpha-carotene and lutein, both associated with a lower risk of heart disease.

5. When Bowser crunches into a raw carrot, it helps scrape plaque and other food particles from the inside of his mouth, so his teeth stay clean and his breath is fresh. You’ll love those newer, fresher doggie kisses!

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How to feed dogs carrots

Raw or cooked, carrots are wagsomely welcome in your dog’s diet. Try steaming a few and chopping them into her food bowl or dipping a handful of baby carrots in peanut butter to get her used to the taste. Don’t have time? A regular-sized raw carrot is a beg-worthy substitute for a bone: she can chew on it for hours and the gnawing action has even been demonstrated to have a calming effect on some hyperactive hounds.

Carrots: they’re not just for rabbits anymore!

Oct 30, 2014
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