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If you’ve ever lived with a dog, you know that one of the first choices that pet parents must make after inviting a new furry friend into the family is how to handle the sleeping arrangements.

While research suggests that you may get better rest if you have a dog in your bedroom, allowing a dog to share your bed may decrease your own sleep efficiency. For those who value a good snooze, here are a few reasons to fashion a comfortable sleeping area with fur-friendly bedding that Fido can call his own.

1. Dogs crave a den

Dogs are natural nesters who seek stability and security. In the wild, they’re raised in a cozy den that shields them from the elements and from dangerous predators. Even after you’ve chosen to share the safety of your home with them, dogs will still instinctively search for a space that they can turn into a private den.

Providing your dog with bedding that’s his and his alone will allow him to arrange a refuge for times when he needs a break from everything going on around him. Whether he burrows under his blanket or sprawls on his bed, he’ll feel better knowing it’s just for him.

2. Beds and blankets provide comfort

There’s nothing quite like unwinding in the warmth of your own home at the end of a long day, and for dogs, it’s no different. The familiar feel of a soft bed and a snuggly blanket that has absorbed your dog’s unique scent over time can help him relax, much like a human baby who finds a security blanket soothing.

The easy portability of Tall Tails dog blankets means that these calming pieces of home can travel with your dog to make vet visits, kennel stays, and other potentially stressful situations feel more manageable.

3. Quality sleep is essential for a healthy dog

Dogs are professional-grade sleepers, with adult dogs snoozing up to 18 hours per day; dog-tired puppies can nap even more! Getting enough quality sleep helps a dog develop and stay healthy; a rested body has a stronger immune system, and a rested mind is better equipped to learn and remember.

You can help your dog make the most of his downtime by making sure he has the right bedding for his preferred sleep position with some of these dreamy products from Tall Tails.

4. We all want the bed to ourselves sometimes

Even if you choose to allow your dog to stake his claim under your covers, it’s a good idea to have a dog bed and a blanket waiting in case one of you needs a night alone. Perhaps your slumbering pup is keeping you awake by chasing dream bunnies, or maybe your tossing and turning keeps disturbing your dog; either way, being prepared with comfortable pet bedding will allow at least one of you to rest peacefully.

All things considered, the cost of giving your dog his own bed and blanket is low, and there are many benefits for both you and your dog. Treat your four-legged friend to a snooze-ready den of his own, and you’ll both be happier at bedtime.


How to choose the bed dog bed infographic | Sponsored by Tall Tails
Sep 26, 2018

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