Our pets can’t communicate when they are unwell – it’s our responsibility to recognize when they need help. Because of this, it’s always best to take your pet to the vet when you suspect something is wrong rather than wait to see if things improve. After all, their condition could deteriorate, making the treatment more expensive and reducing your pet’s chances at recovering. 

But what do you do when the unexpected strikes outside your vet’s business hours? That’s when you should turn to 24-hour emergency animal hospitals and specialty clinics.

Emergency care pet insurance

It can be emotionally – and financially – difficult when your pet suffers from an unexpected accident or life-threatening illness. Since 1 out of every 3 pets requires unexpected veterinary care each year,* your pet’s chances of visiting the vet are pretty high. Unfortunately, these veterinarians are highly specialized, making the cost of care significantly more than the typical veterinary visit. So, how does anyone afford emergency pet care? This is where pet insurance can help.

In a way, pet insurance acts much like financial risk management: it identifies common dangers (accidents, illnesses and injuries) and acts to protect your family from the financial burden they bring (veterinary bills). Pet owners, who might otherwise not have the disposable income to pay for emergency care, can still select the best treatment when they have comprehensive pet insurance protection.

While not all pet insurance providers will cover your emergency visit or sick visit exam fees, Petplan will, giving you all the more reason to get your pet checked out whenever you think something is wrong.

It's simple.We have the most comprehensive pet insurance for cats & dogs.

Types of emergency pet care

Sure, you do everything you can to keep your four-legged family member safe, but accidents happen even under the watch of the most vigilant owners. From swallowing socks to developing a food allergy, there are a myriad of ways your pet could get injured or sick.  

According to American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), other common pet emergencies include seizures, heatstroke, choking, eye injuries, fractured bones, lameness, severe anxiety, unconsciousness and inability to urinate. Visiting the vet to evaluate and treat these issues can quickly add up.

Emergency pet care cost

From pre-anesthetic blood work to advanced imaging, urgent care often requires proper evaluation to prepare the correct treatment. Even after you pet has undergone the necessary treatment, she may require medicine and therapy to fully recover. With the right pet insurance provider, you’ll receive reimbursement for both of these expenses.

Before you select a pet insurance policy, make sure you familiarize yourself with what will be covered for your dog or cat. Did we mention with Petplan you can take your pet to any licensed vet in the US or Canada? It’s just one more way we try to help you focus on what’s important – getting your pet the care it needs as soon as possible.

Check out the graph below to see how much you could save by protecting your pet today.

cost of emergency care in pets

*according to Datamonitor

Sep 10, 2019
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