Unfortunately, 1 in 3 pets will get lost during their lifetime.* Without the proper identification, 90% of them will not return home.** Don’t let your pet become part of that statistic! Follow the steps below to ensure you and your furry loved one have a heartfelt reunion: 

Act fast – and inform everyone!

Don’t waste any time waiting for your pet to return. Get out and start looking immediately!

Update the contact information attached to your pet’s microchip

Should your pet require emergency care, additional information regarding allergies could prove imperative for the treating vet.

File a lost pet report with the local authorities and animal control

The duo catches strays and may see your pet while out on patrol.

Call every shelter within a 60-mile radius of your home

Frequently visiting the closest shelters can also help workers remember you and your lost pet. Call the local veterinarian offices, emergency clinics, groomers and even pet stores.

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Search the neighborhood and don’t forget to bring treats

Even the most outgoing pets may need a little coaxing. Check places where your pet could be trapped, like underneath cars. Don’t hesitate to ask neighbors and delivery people to keep an eye out. If a few days pass, expand your search. Keep the fitness of your pet in mind. Typically, larger dogs are capable of traveling a farther distance.

Advertise everywhere!

Post eye-catching posters with a recent image of your pet around the neighborhood. You can advertise with the local newspaper and radio station. Offer a reward but don’t disclose the amount or too many details about your dog.

Be cautious

While there are plenty of helpful people out there, there are also scammers. Ask anyone who contacts you to describe the found pet thoroughly before you offer any information. Be particularly wary of people who insist you give them money first, even if they claim it’s for your dog’s emergency care. Licensed vets can easily email an invoice.

Is your pet covered by Petplan? We want to help! Did you know our pet insurance coverage includes reimbursement for the cost of lost pet advertisement materials, a lost pet reward, as well as the treatment for any illness or injury your pet sustained while lost? Enroll today to protect your pet. 

*According to PetHub.

**According to Petplan claims data.

Jul 16, 2019
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