The activities never stop at this animal shelter

Petplan presents our shelter partner, Oregon Humane Society. As the pet insurance brand that shelters trust, we’re proud to highlight the important work they do for animals. 

Oregon Humane Society (OHS) believes in new beginnings, protecting animal welfare and building a community of like-minded pet lovers. These principles can be summed up in its 150-year long mission, “to create a more humane society.”

Around 240 adoptable cats and dogs can stay at OHS at one time — but there’s always room for pets who need shelter in emergencies. “We try to be strategic and always have a little bit of wiggle room so that we can respond if a shelter in the region is overpopulated and needs to send some animals our way,” Sarah Yusavitz, corporate relations officer at OHS, said.

Pets who stay at OHS have a high chance of being adopted — just last year, the shelter found homes for over 7,000 animals. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the shelter implemented appointment-based adoptions (as opposed to walk-ins) and created a lengthier virtual-vetting process, which increased their adoption success rate. “Our vetting process, even though it takes much longer, has really proven to be very successful in finding the right match for the animals. And, just ensuring that the animals are going to the best home that's suited for them,” Sarah said. 

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OHS furthers their care for pets by investing in vets, too. The shelter’s Holman Medical Center hosts Oregon State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine students for 3-week residencies where they get hands-on experiences with medical procedures, like spay and neuter operations and casting broken bones. “We provide a holistic experience for vet students through this program,” Sarah said. “It's the first of its kind in the nation, and what we've seen is that it produces more prepared veterinarians.”

In June 2021, OHS partnered with Petplan pet insurance to advance their initiative to give pets in need the best medical care. “We want animals in this community to be getting care. We want their parents to be able to confidently make an appointment and know that they can have whatever care is needed for their animal.”

Insuring shelter animals isn’t only good for pets, but it’s important for vets’ well-being, too. “We're very much aware that veterinarians bear a huge emotional and mental burden when pet owners decline care or treatment for their animals due to cost,” Sarah said. “Ultimately, more insured pets in the community will mean that vets can help animals feel better faster.” 

OHS continues to be a valuable resource for the animal welfare community by hosting several events and yearlong initiatives, too. From community resource days, where people in need are given free animal accessories and vet tips, to the Humane Education Program, which includes a kids summer camp and after-school clubs, to Doggie Dash, a dog-friendly fun run that engages the community, they really do it all. 

To learn more about Oregon Humane Society, check out their website and stay tuned for more articles about our shelter partner. 

Sep 20, 2021

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