It’s really not a secret that, despite the fact that I have two cats, I’m really more of a dog person. I mean, I love my cats, but honestly, I have more fun with my dog. This might just be because I spend more time with my dog.

My cats apparently live an exhausting life and therefore must sleep all but two hours a day, and about a quarter of that time is spent either eating or begging for food. So that leaves all of about an hour to hang out with me, the woman who feeds them, keeps their litter boxes clean and in one of their cases, SAVED THEM FROM CERTAIN DEATH. How do they repay my kindness? By plopping down on my lap in the evening and promptly falling asleep. Again.

My dog is actually happy to see me when I come home. That’s how he pays me. My cat? Uses me as a bed. See my point? There are plenty of cats that are more charismatic than my two, though. One of my favorites is a cat from Japan named Maru. If you haven’t seen any of Maru’s videos, you should do that. Especially if you need an adorable reason to procrastinate doing a project or cleaning the house. This cat oozes charm and charisma and will have even the staunchest of “dog people” reconsidering their position on the age old question.

Cat cafes

Another Japanese trend is the concept of a cat cafe. This sounds a little kooky, but stay with me here. They have cafes that you can visit to have a cup of coffee and cuddle up with random cats who live there in the store. Just like here in the U.S., pets are really well-loved in Japan, but for many, tiny living quarters make having a pet impractical. Instead, they can get their “cat fix” in a nearby cafe!

The concept of the cat cafe has come to America recently, too! Big cities like New York and San Francisco are using cat cafes to provide quality cat time to petless humans while also helping to reduce the population of homeless pets. That’s because, unlike the permanent residents of Japanese cat cafes, the cats in American cat cafes are all up for adoption—a purr-fect solution for overburdened shelters and wavering adopters alike!

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Dog cafes

Dog lovers, don’t despair—there are soon to be options for you, too! The first dog cafe is set to open in Los Angeles and will follow the same program that American cat cafes do. All of the dogs providing you companionship with your coffee will be up for adoption.

Shelters are such a stressful environment for dogs that sometimes the loveliest pets are looked over because they are shy or bark too much. Cuddling up with a potential four-legged family member in a more relaxing spot, like a cafe, brings out a dog or cat’s true personality and makes the decision to adopt all that much easier.

What do you think about this new trend? Would you visit a pet cafe for a purr-fect cup of coffee or puppuccino?

Feb 3, 2015
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