The average cost of pet insurance can vary depending on your pet's characteristics (age, breed, location) and plan options (how much coverage you want).

Average cost of pet insurance

Given these factors, the cost of pet insurance for dogs can vary greatly — from as low as $10 a month to $100 or more.

According to ValuePenguin, the average monthly premium cost of pet insurance for dogs was $42.45. The industry average cost of pet insurance for cats was $20.99. These average costs were found by averaging the price of the top 11 pet insurance providers.

Sample pet insurance quote

Let's say you live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and have a 1-year-old Labradoodle puppy. For $38.86 per month, you could get $15,000 annual pet insurance coverage, with a $300 annual deductible and 80% reimbursement.

Want more coverage? Upgrade to unlimited annual reimbursement for just over $61 per month.*

How pet insurance costs are determined

Pet insurance premiums are calculated based on three main factors: your pet’s age; your pet’s breed; and your home location. Here’s how those details add up:

Your pet's age 

As pets get older, their likeliness of requiring medical treatment increases, and the cost of insuring them goes up too.

For example, a 1-year-old Border Collie living in Beverly Hills, California with $15,000 in annual coverage, a $300 annual deductible and 80% reimbursement could cost around $50/month to insure. 

A 5-year-old Border Collie living next door with the same policy could cost almost double to insure at $96/month.

The best time to insure your pet is when they are young and healthy to avoid pre-existing conditions. That being said, pet insurance is valuable for pets at any age - just be sure your chosen provider covers seniors pets, since many limit your coverage if you wait until your pet is older to enroll. 

Your pet's breed 

Every cat and dog breed is predisposed to certain illnesses and conditions, making some breeds more expensive to insure than others. In addition, larger breeds usually have higher premiums because it costs more for their medical treatment. For example, a German shepherd is going to need a much higher dose of a prescription medication than a Chihuahua.

Where your pet lives 

Did you know that veterinary costs change depending on where you live? If you live in a state where veterinarians charge more for services, your premiums will be higher. For example, the cost of veterinary services in a populated urban area like New York City are typically higher than in a rural Louisiana town like Covington. 

If you live in a state that has a high cost of care, it makes sense that your policy premium would reflect that

It's simple.We have the most comprehensive pet insurance for cats & dogs.

Customize your pet insurance cost

Breed, age, and location aren’t the only factors that affect your pet insurance price. The rest is up to you! Most insurance providers offer plans to choose from with varying levels of coverage, and some even let you completely customize your coverage.

Plans with low deductibles (the amount you’ll pay out of pocket before pet insurance kicks in), high annual limits (the maximum amount your policy will cover in a year — many even offer unlimited) and low co-pays will cost more per month — but will provide the best financial safety net if your pet needs medical care.

Can’t afford to spend a lot of money on a monthly premium but still want peace of mind in case of a crisis? Consider getting a low-cost plan with a high deductible. You may go years without hitting your deductible, but if your pet should be diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, hip dysplasia or another expensive condition, you could get thousands of dollars back in reimbursement.

How to get a pet insurance quote

The only way to know how much insurance will cost for your pet is to get a quote.

Most providers offer free pet insurance quotes — just input a little bit of information about yourself and your pet (it only takes a few minutes). You’ll get a quote instantly generated for you, and may have the option to save it and return later.

Once you know how much insurance costs for your dog or cat, consider the price of veterinary treatments for common conditions — plus the value of knowing that your pet will be able to get the best care regardless of your budget — and decide if insuring your pet is worth it to you.

*Quotes are subject to change. 

**Petplan claims data, 2016

Jan 1, 2019
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