Bullet, affectionately referred to as Bulley or The Wizard for his wispy eyebrows, was adopted from Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue when he was 11 months old. As he entered his senior years, he required expensive medical care to preserve his quality of life.

“He’s not a big runner, but for some reason he just started chasing these birds. At first, we thought his limping was from the hip we’ve been treating for arthritis. But the next morning, he still wasn’t putting weight on that side,” said his mom Kasie.

Weak in the knees

A consultation with their trusted veterinarian and a few radiographs later, it was confirmed Bullet suffered from a torn cruciate ligament, a common knee injury in dogs. The necessary Tibial-Plateau-Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) went smoothly, but Kasie was prepared for a lengthy recovery process as her Springer Spaniel had a hip replacement just a few years before.

Bullet was hospitalized and monitored for the first 12 hours, receiving a pain-relieving epidural, IV fluids, antibiotics, and three postop prescriptions. When he was cleared to return home, Kasie was instructed to keep her furry family member confined to a small area. Stairs and furniture were off-limits and leash use was enforced for the next 10 to 12 weeks. Bullet’s limited mobility impacted every daily routine.

“I couldn’t give him a bath and risk him slipping in the shower. He couldn’t stand for long durations so he couldn’t go to the groomer either. I’ve been trimming the hair on the pads of his feet myself!”

The dissolvable sutures allowed the incision to heal nicely, allowing Bullet to ditch the e-collar. Kasie is slowly weaning her pup off the medication and eager to start the next recovery steps. Unfortunately, the worldwide coronavirus pandemic has caused Bullet’s re-evaluation and additional radiographs to be postponed.

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How did pet insurance help?

Although Bullet still has a long way to go in his recovery, the vet bills have already reached $6,411! Starting with the initial consultation and ending with the surgical equipment, Petplan reimbursed Kasie $4,928. When it comes time to choose Bullet’s therapy, Kasie won’t need to worry about the cost; she can expect a Petplan check in the mail.

“I tell everyone if you have a dog, you should have pet insurance. It’s worth the investment. It really has saved us so much. The care we’ve been able to give him is exceptional!”

Why Kasie chose Petplan

Bullet isn’t Kasie’s first Petplan-protected pet. Her previous dog Dude loved to eat grass so much that he required surgery to remove it all. Kasie enrolled Dude early in the comprehensive pet insurance and saw firsthand just how much a policy could save her. The rest is history!

“My company offered pet insurance. I looked at theirs and then I did my own research – that’s when I found Petplan. My husband thought it was the responsible thing to do and we’ve been with Petplan ever since!”

Do you have a story to share about how Petplan saved your pet? We’d love to hear! Message us on Facebook for a shot at being featured.

Mar 24, 2020

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