Stationed in Delaware with the Air Force, Tiffany flew home to Georgia to see family for the holidays with her eight-month-old Miniature Pinscher in tow. Although her new pup, Gigi, was very skittish around people, the visit went smoothly. That is, until it came time to go home.

“When we landed back in Philadelphia, I thought let me stretch her legs. She’s been stuck in the carrier the whole time.”

Spying another dog coming down the stairs, Tiffany opted for the escalator, hoping to avoid tangled leashes and frustrated passersby.

“They say no strollers, but there isn’t anything about dogs,” Tiffany reflected.

As Tiffany stepped off the escalator, frantic shouts made her look back at her precious pup. Gigi was stuck in the landing platform! Desperate to help, Tiffany tried picking up the distressed dog, but could tell from her screeches that it only induced more pain.

Everything that happened next seems like a blur to Tiffany: “I kind of blacked out. Gigi bit me and yelped, because I made it worse.”

Thankfully, someone had located the emergency stop button, freeing Gigi from the powerful machine.

“She took off before I could even look up and notice. The airport alarm was going off and someone, thankfully, was able to grab her leash. The fact that she took off made me think she was okay.”

But Gigi was far from okay. Bleeding, shaking and with a racing heart, the Miniature Pinscher needed urgent care. Unfortunately, it would have to wait – the police demanded to question Tiffany since she had abandoned her bags to retrieve Gigi.

As soon as the interrogation was over, Tiffany called the veterinarian that conducted Gigi’s spay surgery and got referred to an emergency clinic an hour away.

The trained veterinary staff needed to amputate, leaving Gigi with three toes on her hind paw and Tiffany, with a $1,808 bill.

Gigi’s head-to-toe pet insurance protection

Luckily, the rescue center Gigi came from required pet parents to protect with pet insurance for the first year, and Petplan was one of the few recommended providers.

Reimbursing $1,147, Petplan allowed Tiffany to focus on Gigi’s recovery, not the cost.

Tiffany admits that while the whole ordeal was too traumatic for her to travel with Gigi any time soon, she has decided to keep her Petplan protection because as a pet parent, “you can expect the unexpected.”

Jan 10, 2020

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