Getting a new puppy is a lot like bringing a new baby or toddler into your home – in order to keep everything and everyone safe, clean and happy, try these tips for puppy proofing.

How to keep your puppy safe

Get your crate ready

Crates will act as your puppy’s babysitter, safe space and bed. Condition the crate the right way, and your puppy will see it as a great place to go for the rest of his life. Give him lots of fun things to do, like a stuffed KONG® or chew toy.

Block off-limits areas

Use baby gates to keep your puppy out of certain rooms and to keep him from tumbling down the stairs.

Pick up around the house

Think of your puppy as a 2 year old toddler. So anything that can go in his mouth will! This includes objects that are traditional fodder for chewing like shoes and pillows, and also things you may not have thought about like coins, table centerpieces, small appliances, toys and even wooden baseboards. Make sure you stock up on lots of appropriate chew toys so that you can redirect any bad chewing decisions!

Secure anything that can topple over

If your puppy’s playing around the house, he could crash into something that you might not want hitting the floor. Move or secure things like shelves, your TV, vases or any glass decorations.

Hide any cords that your puppy can reach

And even some that you think he’ll never be able to reach. Spoiler alert, your puppy will find a way to get to it!

Stock up on cleaner

Accidents happen! Use an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate all odor, and be sure to avoid these three household cleaners, which are dangerous to pets.

Contain your trash

Curious pups can easily nose their way into trash cans. Opt for lidded ones and be sure they can’t be knocked over.

Put away poisons

From plants to foods and medications, learn what could seriously upset your puppy’s tummy and keep them far out of reach.

Mar 28, 2016

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