First, let me do my job by reminding you that even though we may indulge our cravings for cookies, candy and big holiday meals, this is one holiday perk we should not share with our pets. Fatty foods, chocolate and even sugar-free candies can be dangerous to our pets, leading to pancreatitis or worse. Let’s explore some healthier ways to share the holiday spirit with our canine and feline family members:

Holiday Cards
Including pets in photos for holiday cards is now fairly common, and very adorable! In fact, a recent holiday survey conducted by Petplan shows that 62.5% of respondents said they include their pets in their family holiday greeting card photos! Extra points for dressing Fido in reindeer antlers, and double-extra points if you can get your cat to wear a Santa beard!

The Gift of Giving
Hopefully your furry family members have been on the “nice” list for most of the year, so they deserve Christmas and/or Hanukkah presents, too! Pet beds for cats and dogs look great under the tree on Christmas morning, or perhaps a new collar or two will help your pet sparkle well beyond the holidays. It is also a good opportunity to refresh your stock of catnip toys, tennis balls and Frisbees. For a cat who has been very, very good this year, consider a cat tree. Cats love perching up high and looking down on their territory!

Last but not least, if you're already a Petplan family member but have any friends or family members that could benefit from the peace of mind that Petplan pet insurance helps bring, you can refer them to Petplan and even get a $25 gift card for yourself if they enroll!

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Treats to Eat
While you should keep human treats well beyond paw’s reach, there is no reason not to include your pets in the holiday baking spree.

Don't Wait to Donate
Perhaps the best gift you can give your pet is helping the lives of his fellow animal cousins. Your donation to a local shelter will provide meals and shelter for other pets who are not as lucky as yours.

Dec 16, 2011
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