It can be tempting to not enroll in pet insurance and simply set aside money each month, but even the most dedicated saver might not be able to afford a costly vet bill when it arrives. Many pet parents are under the misconception that most health conditions happen later in a pet’s life.

While senior dogs and cats are certainly more at risk, life-threatening accidents and illnesses can happen at any point in your pet’s life, making it impossible to know if you’ll have enough time to set aside the necessary funds. By paying affordable monthly premiums – most likely the same amount you would be setting aside anyway – your pet will receive the very best care since the treatment cost will not be an issue.

The benefits of health insurance for pets

Besides the obvious reimbursement advantage, many providers make it so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t protect your four-legged family members sooner. With customizable plans available for most pets, the cost of pet insurance can suit any budget. Mobile apps allow you to submit paperless claims and get reimbursed quicker. You’ll need to visit a licensed veterinarian annually in order to maintain your coverage. This isn’t some trick – this is actually the provider’s way of looking out for your pet.

Did you know that insured pets visit a veterinary clinic 40% more often than uninsured ones?* It’s not because they’re sick more often – in fact it’s the opposite! Insured pets that visit their vets more frequently have a greater chance of finding hidden health issues early on and treating them!

It's simple.We have the most comprehensive pet insurance for cats & dogs.

How to find the best pet insurance

It’s not only important to insure your pet, but also the provider you choose. Thankfully, more providers are covering hereditary and chronic conditions than ever before. With 30%-40% of all claims being for chronic conditions that last at least a year,** coverage for these conditions should be a necessity when shopping for the right provider.

But be sure to take the time to research and compare providers. Some will charge an extra rider fee for alternative and homeopathic therapies while others offer very limited dental protection. Treatment for behavioral disorders is also not always included.

The best pet insurance plans will go beyond treating a new injury or illness – it’ll cover the unexpected, period. Their team should be waiting to help if your pet gets lost, if your sudden hospitalization demands you temporarily board your pet or, if you have to cancel your vacation plans due to your pet’s unforeseen health needs.

The fact is, you may not realize just how important getting pet insurance – or the right policy – is until something happens. Hopefully if that day comes, your pet is already Petplan protected so you won’t have to make the difficult decision.

Learn why Petplan offers the most comprehensive coverage for pups and cats alike.

* According to the American Veterinary Medical Association's "A Veterinarian's Guide to Pet Health Insurance," from the 2009 National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues.

** According to Petplan claims data.

Sep 3, 2019
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