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Pet Care

Tips for adding a new pet to your family

Petplan along with Dr. Ernie Ward provide tips for adding a new pet to your family.

How to get your puppy to sleep at night

You may be too excited to sleep anyway, but having a new puppy in your home will undoubtedly interrupt your nightly snooze.

Littermate syndrome in dogs

Adopting two dogs from the same litter may lead to a phenomena called littermate syndrome.

How to puppy-proof your home

In order to keep everything and everyone safe, clean and happy, try these tips for puppy proofing.

Black dog syndrome: are black dogs less likely to be adopted?

For years, there’s been concern in the shelter and veterinary community that black dogs were less likely to be adopted.
Pet Health

10 ways to be a responsible pet parent

The very best way to be a responsible pet parent starts before you even bring your four-legged friend home.

Your new puppy – 4 things you should do in the first 48 hours

Bringing home a new puppy is a time of great excitement! And the first 48 hours are crucial to acclimating your pup to your life. So plan accordingly!

Advice for making a kitten proof plan at home

Kittens can be high-maintenance, but they’re well worth the investment of your time and love. For a fast, easy kitten-proofing plan, follow along:‍