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Puppy love: creating the “perfect” puppy in a week

My goal in that week was to train the perfect puppy, and I did. Here’s how you can, too

All about mixed breed dogs

What do Old Yeller, Benji and Lady’s beloved suitor the Tramp all have in common? They’re all mutts!

The top 10 most popular cat breeds

But did you know that cats have their own national show, too?

Why you should adopt a retired greyhound

There are plenty of wonderful dogs available at shelters and rescue organizations around the country, including an abundance of one of Greyhounds.
Pet Health

The first vaccines for puppies

Just like human babies, puppies need a series of vaccine injections to be considered fully vaccinated.
Pet Health

Petplan pet insurance presents: Puppy steps - the first vet visit

Intestinal parasites pose a major health risk to all puppies, and some of them can be transmitted to humans. Let’s take a look at the major players.
Pet Care

Top 10 tips for new puppy parents

Here are 10 tips for bringing home a new puppy - from the transition home to keeping your new best friend happy and healthy for years to come.
Pet Health

The pros and cons of purebred dogs

Specific breeds are known for specific temperaments, so you can narrow your search for a purebred dog based on your requirements—however, there are exceptions.