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Arthritis in pets

There are several types of arthritis, but the most common type that affects pets is a chronic degenerative disease resulting from damaged cartilage.
Pet Health

Health tips for older pets

Once your dog or cat reaches age 7 (when they are generally considered ‚Äúgeriatric‚ÄĚ), here are some things you can do to keep pets on their paws.
Pet Health

Aging signs in senior pets

Senior pets have special needs as they age - read on to find out how they are different.

Do dogs go to heaven?

In more than 20 years of being a veterinarian, this is perhaps the hardest question I’ve ever been asked.
Pet Health

When to worry about lumps on pets

When is a bump and/or lump on your pet something to worry about? Let’s take a moment and tackle this very broad subject together.

When muzzles go gray: the life stages of dogs

A 10-year-old Chihuahua is very different than a 10-year-old Irish Wolfhound.

When whiskers go white: the life stages of cats

Just how old is Fluffy in human years? There are lots of answers to this question.