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Eight conditions made worse by obesity

As with humans, obesity in pets is a catalyst for several dangerous medical conditions.
Pet Health

The scoop on senior dog nutrition

As pets age, their nutritional needs change, and the dietary requirements of senior pets vary widely between dogs.
Pet Health

A closer look at iris melanoma

Melanoma is a type of cancer, and among other organs, it can affect your pet’s eyes.
Pet Health

Age or arthritis? Spotting osteoarthritis in cats

If your vet determines that your cat has osteoarthritis, there are a variety of different therapies that can be used to give your cat some comfort.
Pet Health

Deafness in pets

Living with a deaf pet has its challenges (as does living with hearing ones!), but none are so great that they can’t be overcome.
Pet Health

Blindness in pets

Dogs and cats both can be affected by blindness, and in turn, so too are we as their owners.
Pet Care

Hospice care for pets

As with our human family members, as these four-legged family members start to age, we find ourselves facing some difficult decisions.
Pet Health

Common causes of urinary incontinence in dogs

If you notice that your dog’s bed is damp more than it’s dry, urinary incontinence may be to blame.