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Lenticular sclerosis and cataracts

Have you ever noticed a cloudiness in the eyes of your older pet? A foggy appearance that occurs deep within the internal structures?
Pet Health

Canine prostatic disease

The prostate gland serves the same function in dogs as it does in man, and just like humans, older dogs are prone to prostatic disease.
Pet Health

Forgetaboutit: cognitive dysfunction syndrome in dogs

Cognitive dysfunction syndrome is an increasingly recognized (and potentially treatable) condition in our aging canines.
Pet Health

Tips for dealing with pet neck and back pain

Would you be surprised to know that our pets, dogs in particular, can suffer from neck and back pain just like us?
Pet Care

The best gifts for senior pets

The holidays are just around the corner, and its certainly not the first for your senior pet. But what do you get the pet that has given you everything?