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Bathing and Grooming

Pet Care

Pet grooming at home: everything you need to know

Take a closer look at how you can safely care for your pet’s hair, ears, teeth, paws and nails.
Pet Care

Does your pet need a good spring cleaning?

Whether your pet is part dogfish or fights tooth and nail, here are our top tricks to help make bathing a breeze.
Pet Health

What your dog’s hair loss says about their health

Hair loss (or alopecia) in dogs can be more than just an unsightly nuisance — it could signal an underlying issue.
Pet Care

How to get rid of skunk smell from your dog

With a lingering effect that can last for weeks, the notorious skunk spray is respected – and avoided – by predators throughout the wild kingdom.
Pet Care

Should you shave your dog in the summer?

See what professionals have to say about getting rid of your dog's heavy coat in the summer.

Tear stains: causes and how to get rid of them

Small dogs have some particularities we don’t see in big dogs, and we’re going to talk about a very visible issue of some small dogs—tear stains.
Pet Care

How to bathe your dog (and actually make it fun!)

Follow these tips to make a splash your pet will love while achieving a squeaky clean.

How to bathe a cat in 8 easy steps

The truth is, there are times when your cat might need a bath. We’re here to make the process easier for you both.