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Feline cardiac disease

Feline cardiac disease can be heartbreaking for many reasons, but most upsetting is that it is so often undetected.
Pet Health

Feline tooth resorption and gingivostomatitis in cats

In addition to sharing most dental problems that plague dogs, cats are susceptible to two other dental diseases.
Pet Health

Solutions for feeding cats with different dietary needs

It is always difficult when you are dealing with multiple cats. Here are answers to some common questions from pet parents with more than one feline friend.

The curious case of a male calico cat

A shelter in Loveland, Colorado, happened upon a bit of good fortune this summer when a rare cat showed up at their door.
Pet Health

Fibrosarcoma in cats

If your pet gets a diagnosis of cancer, being educated on the treatment options could make a big difference in your petÔÇÖs life.
Pet Health

Breast cancer in cats

Breast cancer is a disease that can strike our feline family members.
Pet Health

Lymphoma in cats

Cats tend to get lymphoma at a specific site, and today the most common site for lymphoma is in the intestines.