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Pet insurance for senior cats

While many providers don’t cover cats after a certain age, there are a few providers, including Petplan, who invite pets six weeks old and above to enroll.

Pet insurance review: Jessie the Tabby cat

When Jessie was just 20-months-old, her owner Eric found her hiding and vomiting whenever he touched her.
Pet Care

What to do if you lose your pet

Unfortunately, 1 in 3 pets will get lost during their lifetime. Without the proper identification, 90% of them will not return home.

5 reasons why cats wag their tails

For dogs, tail wagging is a clear signal of happiness, excitement or maybe a little nervousness, but for most felines, it’s an entirely different story.

Top 10 Star Wars cat names

We pawed through our database to find the top 10 Petplan-insured pets named for “Star Wars” characters.

Can cats eat basil?

Most humans love the taste of basil, and keep it close at hand for cooking. But is it safe for cats to eat?
Pet Health

What you need to know about bird flu in cats

Veterinarians and human health officials got a scare late in 2016 when a new disease showed up in cats (and people!).

The science behind cat tongues

If you’ve ever been licked by a cat, you’ve felt the thousands of tiny razor blades that dot the surface of their tongue.