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Pet insurance review: Sydney the Pit Bull

Just a few months after Mally adopted Sydney, the puppy bit more than he could chew, resulting in an unexpected (and costly) trip to the vet.
Pet Care

When to dress your pet & how to do it safely

When Jack Frost comes calling, you may not be the only one dreading the outdoors.

How cold is too cold for your dog?

The answer is a bit complicated, but the Tufts Animal Condition and Care (TACC) system for animal welfare officers is a perfect guide.
Pet Health

Could your pet have fall allergies?

Though most of us associate allergies with springtime, fall can also trigger an itch in our dogs and cats who develop seasonal allergies.
Pet Care

The big chill: tips to protect pets during winter weather

Follow these safety tips to protect your pets during a winter storm.
Pet Health

Tips for treating frostbite in pets

Believe it or not, but frostbite occurs relatively frequently in cats and dogs.
Pet Health

The dangers of hops poisoning

With fall celebrations coming up, like Oktoberfest and local craft beer festivals, itÔÇÖs important to note a serious threat to our pets ÔÇô hops poisoning.
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The dangers for pets posed by ice

Winter poses a variety of threats to our beloved pets, but thin ice ranks near the top of the list of most dangerous winter perils.