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Alpha Bravo Canine’s mission to donate service dogs to veterans in need

Alpha Bravo Canine’s mission is to raise, train and donate service dogs to soldiers with debilitating medical and psychological problems resulting from their active combat duty.

Why one family switched from Nationwide to Petplan

When Amy and Sean adopted their pug, they settled on pet insurance through Sean’s job. When they brought home a second pug, they sought better protection.

The best dog breeds for apartments

Your apartment shouldn’t stop you from having a dog, but you should carefully consider your lifestyle, space and the needs of the dog before selecting one.

Pet insurance review: Galena the Black Labrador

In search of a dog that could keep up with his adventures, Calvin found his perfect match.
Pet Health

Will pet insurance cover hip dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia is an important medical condition to be aware of if you have your heart set on bringing home a breed of dog or cat prone to the condition.

Pet insurance review: Sydney the Pit Bull

Just a few months after Mally adopted Sydney, the puppy bit more than he could chew, resulting in an unexpected (and costly) trip to the vet.