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Why you should adopt a retired greyhound

There are plenty of wonderful dogs available at shelters and rescue organizations around the country, including an abundance of one of Greyhounds.
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Congenital heart disease warning signs in pets

Unfortunately, heart disease is common in our pets. That’s why it’s best to be aware of signs and symptoms now.
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Celebrity dogs and the conditions that may affect them

It’s time to shine our spotlight on some famous dogs who are ready for their close-ups!
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Thumbs up! Dewclaws in pets

Most species don't have opposable thumbs—it’s one of the things that sets humans apart. But dogs and cats have first digits, better known as dewclaws.
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The pros and cons of purebred dogs

Specific breeds are known for specific temperaments, so you can narrow your search for a purebred dog based on your requirements—however, there are exceptions.
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Panosteitis in young dogs

Panosteitis is a condition that generally occurs in young large and giant breed dogs.