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Pet Health

Salt dough ornaments: a hidden holiday threat for pets

The holiday season can be hazardous to dogs and cats – and we’re not just talking about your great aunt’s fruitcake.
Pet Health

The worst gifts you can give your pet

Nothing ruins the holiday (or the holiday budget) like an unplanned trip to the animal hospital!
Pet Care

Pets are for life, not for Christmas

A cute kitten or tongue-wagging puppy may look like the perfect Christmas present, but the decision to bring a pet home is best made after the holidays
Pet Health

Bringing pets along for the holidays

Holidays are the perfect occasion to spend time with family and friends. There are some things you should prepare for if you're bringing pets along this year.
Pet Health

5 ways to keep your pet safe this thanksgiving

If you’re deep frying a turkey this year, secure your leftover oil well, and heed these other tips!
Pet Health

Parade of dangers: tips for a safe Memorial Day weekend

They say that everyone loves a parade, but if you plan to pay your respects with a four-legged family member in tow, keep these safety tips in mind!

Pure luck: St. Patrick's Day tails of fortunate furry friends

To celebrate the “luck of the Irish,” here are some tales of lucky pets, as only Petplan can tell them!