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Petplan busts pet health myths for April Fools' Day

With the annual day of shenanigans is upon us, here are some common misconceptions to keep you from getting fooled when it comes to your pet’s health.
Pet Care

Tips for a safe Valentine's Day with pets

We all love getting Valentines, but some of these tokens of affection can be dangerous to pets.
Pet Health

Get healthy - a New Year resolution for pets

Here are a few helpful tips to start making this New Year healthier and happier you and your pet.
Pet Care

All that glitters is not gold: holiday pet safety tips

Holiday décor can turn a silent night into a serious emergency—here’s what tops Petplan’s naughty list this time of year, and our safety tips to avoid them.
Pet Health

Not so jolly: the risks of holiday decor

Some of your favorite holiday foliage may actually be a disaster in disguise for your best friend.
Pet Care

Home away from home: tips on picking the best kennel

With families going away for the holidays, there is always the question of whether to take pets along or leave them at home.
Pet Health

Give thanks, not gravy: say no to table scraps

Before you make up a special plate for your four-legged friends, you may want to consider a few things.

Healthy Halloween: pumpkin dog biscuits recipe

This recipe for Pumpkin Dog Biscuits serves up autumnal flair for Halloweenies that go bump (or woof) in the night.