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Do you have a pet plan?

It’s important to keep pets entertained during this quarantine and to have a plan in place in case you or a family member becomes sick.
Pet Care

Best ways to entertain pets at home

Help your pet’s mind stay fresh and strong! Take a look at some easy ways to ensure your dog or cat remains far from bored.

How to keep your dog quiet when working from home

Attention-seeking behaviors can become magnified if you're suddenly spending time together as a result of needing to work from home..

5 reasons why cats wag their tails

For dogs, tail wagging is a clear signal of happiness, excitement or maybe a little nervousness, but for most felines, it’s an entirely different story.
Pet Health

Are medications for behavioral issues covered by pet insurance?

If your pet has developed any type of behavioral affliction, your vet might prescribe a medication to help ease his symptoms and keep him safe. 

How much can dogs remember?

Dogs may remember more than we thought, at least according to a Hungarian study.
Pet Health

The bird is the word: hazards of dogs eating birdseed

This week’s question comes from a policyholder whose outgoing dog loves to eat birdseed.

When tail wagging can be a bad thing

“Happy tail” is the name we give to a frustrating condition that affects the tip of the tail in particularly waggy dogs.