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Vestibular disease in dogs

Despite our pets' lack of language skills, some diseases are so distinctive that a diagnosis is obvious. Vestibular disease is one of them.
Pet Health

Tough to swallow: Petplan investigates anorexia in pets

People often confuse pet anorexia with the human eating disorder anorexia nervosa, but anorexia in pets means that they have simply stopped eating.
Pet Health

Pets and pica

There are numerous causes for pica, from underlying medical conditions to plain old boredom.

Love bites: why dogs bite

While it is important to know how to prevent your dog (and the rest of your family) from getting bitten, it is also imperative that you understand why dogs bite.
Pet Health

Fat and unhappy: tips for keeping your pets trim

Obesity is a rising concern in the United States, not just in humans, but in our animal companions as well.
Pet Care

Petplan busts pet health myths for April Fools' Day

With the annual day of shenanigans is upon us, here are some common misconceptions to keep you from getting fooled when it comes to your pet’s health.
Pet Health

The pros and cons of purebred dogs

Specific breeds are known for specific temperaments, so you can narrow your search for a purebred dog based on your requirements—however, there are exceptions.