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Why do dogs scoot?

Butt-dragging. Carpet-surfing. Tail-scooting. These colorful terms all describe one of our canine companions’ more common unusual actions.

Does your dog love you more than food?

Good news doting dog owners: new research proves you’re more than a treat dispenser to your pooch.
Pet Health

Watch out for these signs of stress in pets

Anxiety can exhibit in our pets for a number of reasons including separation anxiety, noise aversion, even things like new pets in the neighborhood!
Pet Care

6 DIY window perches your pet will love

Here’s a roundup of DIY dog benches and "catios" that really got our tails wagging.

How to get your puppy to sleep at night

You may be too excited to sleep anyway, but having a new puppy in your home will undoubtedly interrupt your nightly snooze.

The most affectionate dog breeds according to science

Everyone likes to think they have an affectionate dog, but are some dog breeds more affectionate than others?
Pet Health

Why do dogs and cats lick?

While pets may well show affection with their tongues, the language of licks can also say a whole lot more.

New drug offers help to dogs with noise phobia

Before we reveal this breaking advancement, let’s review noise phobia in dogs.