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Pet Behavior


How to teach a dog to fetch

While a game of fetch may come naturally to some, others have quirky fetching habits like running away with the ball or not even wanting to fetch at all.

Why do dogs roll in stinky stuff?

The bottom line is that stink happens, no matter the reason.

How to stop your dog from eating feces

Dogs are known to eat all kinds of things, ranging from truly bizarre to downright disgusting.
Pet Health

Dog & cat zoomies: what are they and why do they happen?

Has your pet spontaneously raced around the house before coming to a halt? If so, you may be familiar with the zoomies.

6 dog barks decoded

Barking means your pup is trying to tell you something, and the context of the bark can tell you what that something is.
Pet Care

Why pets are afraid of thunder and how to help

Thunderstorms may be exciting to watch, but for pets who are thunder phobic, even a storm far off on the radar can ruin their entire afternoon.

Why do dogs eat grass?

Find out why dog's eat grass. Dr. Kim Smyth explains the potential reasons for grazing and whether it is cause for concern.

Littermate syndrome in dogs

Adopting two dogs from the same litter may lead to a phenomena called littermate syndrome.