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This could be causing your dog to be aggressive while leashed

Many dog owners struggle with leash reactivity in their dogs.

6 ways to keep your indoor cat safe and happy

Even if you have the hippest cat joint ever, some cats will still want to wander—do everything you can to ensure a reunion. 

Have you seen a yellow ribbon on a leash? Find out what it means

We humans have many ribbons to wordlessly express our own personal challenges—our canine friends have just one: the yellow ribbon.
Pet Health

Aging signs in senior pets

Senior pets have special needs as they age - read on to find out how they are different.
Pet Health

5 questions your vet should ask at every visit

Here are five important questions a vet should ask pet owners during almost every visit.

How to decode dog park body language

This blog post will help you recognize what kind of behaviors are ok and which ones signal that it’s time to intervene.

Sibling squabbles part 2: dealing with bickering pets

No matter how serious an altercation between dogs can be, there are measures you can take to ensure that they rebuild their relationship afterwards.

Sibling squabbles: how to deal with bickering pets

There are few challenges to dog ownership as heart-wrenching or difficult to deal with as when two dogs in the same household are fighting.