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Off the chain: how to thwart an unleashed dog

Leash laws are in place for a reason, then why do so many people pretend they don’t exist?

Why do dogs shiver and shake?

There are so many reasons for dogs to shiver or tremble. The most obvious reason for shivering is cold.

Training mouthiness out of dogs

What do you do if you’ve got a mouthy dog?
Pet Care

Tips for quieting pets when you have company

The bustle of the Holidays is among us! And if your house is anything like mine, nobody is more excited about it than the family pet.

Solicitation purring in cats

Cats have many endearing qualities: They are adorable. They are curious. They are independent. And they are persistent!
Pet Health

Antidepressants for dogs

Many dogs are affected by their own anxieties and phobias. Antidepressants can help them feel comfortable and enjoy life the way they’re supposed to.
Pet Health

All ears: music therapy for pets

Can PETS benefit from music therapy, or is it all just a bunch of noise to them?