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Tooth root abscesses in pets

Tooth root abscesses are nothing to shake a stick at. In fact, a stick might be what got your dog into this “sticky” situation in the first place!
Pet Health

Feline tooth resorption and gingivostomatitis in cats

In addition to sharing most dental problems that plague dogs, cats are susceptible to two other dental diseases.
Pet Health

The dangers of no-anesthesia dental care for pets

Dental cleanings are among the most-recommended procedures by veterinarians, but many owners are wary to oblige these requests.
Pet Health

Behind the scenes of a dental cleaning

In honor of National Pet Dental Health month, we’ll be taking a closer look at your pet’s oral health throughout the month.
Pet Care

The importance of brushing your pet's teeth

Maybe you don’t give much thought to your pet’s dental health, but you should!
Pet Health

Tips for preventing a dental disaster at home

If tooth brushing isn’t possible due to an uncooperative pet or an overloaded schedule there are other things that you can do to promote a healthy mouth.
Pet Health

The tooth about dental disease in pets

Until dental disease is very severe, most pet owners aren’t even aware it exists!
Pet Health

Petplan pet insurance dishes on pet dental health

Dental disease is common in both dogs and cats. Aside from the bad breath, why should pet parents be concerned about it?