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Can dogs eat oranges?

Dogs naturally produce vitamin C so they don’t require vitamin-rich foods. If you’re looking for a treat, it’s best to know what is safe to feed your pet.
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Can dogs eat grapes?

Grapes are often a popular and healthy snack for most people, so it only makes sense you would want to share some with your pet. But buyer beware.

Can dogs eat bananas?

The only thing more delicious than a fresh, ripe banana is the smile on your dog’s face when you offer her a bite. But can dogs actually eat bananas?

Can cats eat yogurt?

Yogurt has been around for thousands of years and has always been thought of as a healthy food. But is it safe for pets?
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Read this before feeding your pet raw food

Is feeding raw food to our pets worth the risk? Many veterinarians don’t think so, and now the United States Food and Drug Administration agrees.
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A look at dangerous foods for pets

Some toxic things may be found right in your own kitchen that could lead to a big vet bill.
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Trim the fat on Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Not only is nearly half of the adult dog and cat population overweight, but a full quarter of cats and a fifth of dogs are classified as obese.
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Could your Labor Day picnic make your pet sick?

With a few weeks of cookouts and picnics left (and holidays on the horizon), it's a perfect time to talk about A common (and serious) illness, pancreatitis.