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A look at Thanksgiving from a pet point of view

WeÔÇÖve put together a list of reasons for your pet to high-five you this season.
Pet Health

The dangers of bones for dogs

You can knick knack paddywhack, but if you give a dog a bone, you might find yourself rolling off to the emergency clinic.
Pet Health

Solutions for feeding cats with different dietary needs

It is always difficult when you are dealing with multiple cats. Here are answers to some common questions from pet parents with more than one feline friend.
Pet Health

Petplan pet insurance presents the skinny on fatty acids

Some fatty acids have shown health benefits in humans, ranging from battling depression to boosting cardiac health and alleviating joint pain.
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Toxic mushrooms and pets

While many mushrooms are not toxic, some of them are lethal when ingested, and unfortunately, our pets cannot tell the difference.
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Tough to swallow: Petplan investigates anorexia in pets

People often confuse pet anorexia with the human eating disorder anorexia nervosa, but anorexia in pets means that they have simply stopped eating.
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Fat and unhappy: tips for keeping your pets trim

Obesity is a rising concern in the United States, not just in humans, but in our animal companions as well.