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The facts on brucellosis

It's a condition worth knowing about - especially when your newly adopted adult dog has an unknown history.
Pet Health

Osteomyelitis in pets

Osteomyelitis is the medical term for inflammation of the bone.
Pet Health

Aging signs in senior pets

Senior pets have special needs as they age - read on to find out how they are different.
Pet Health

Treating epilepsy in pets

If your middle-aged pet is having seizures, epilepsy is very likely to blame.
Pet Health

Pancreatic cancer in pets

Luckily, pancreatic cancer is rare in pets. But when it strikes, pancreatic adenocarcinoma, insulinomas, and gastrinomas are the three most common types.
Pet Health

Can ice cubes and cold water kill dogs?

You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet – even if your Facebook friends post it.
Pet Health

Bloat in dogs

Learn what the first signs of bloat are, how to prevent it and how it is treated to know when your canine may be in danger. 
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Tips for feeding diabetic cats

Before we discuss the best diet for a diabetic cat, let’s just quickly review the diet of a normal, healthy cat.