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Mangy dog: two mites that bite

There are two major types of mange mites that cause symptoms in the dog: Demodex mites and scabies mites.
Pet Health

Celebrity dogs and the conditions that may affect them

It’s time to shine our spotlight on some famous dogs who are ready for their close-ups!
Pet Health

The dangers of flying with brachycephalic breeds

Delta is the latest airline to add Bulldogs to its “no-fly” list, and not because their cuteness poses a threat to national security.
Pet Care

Petplan busts pet health myths for April Fools' Day

With the annual day of shenanigans is upon us, here are some common misconceptions to keep you from getting fooled when it comes to your pet’s health.
Pet Health

The tooth about dental disease in pets

Until dental disease is very severe, most pet owners aren’t even aware it exists!
Pet Health

Keeping your puppy safe from parvovirus

Canine parvovirus, or “parvo”, is one of the most significant health threats to puppies, and a cause of much confusion among new pet owners. So, what is it?
Pet Health

Get healthy - a New Year resolution for pets

Here are a few helpful tips to start making this New Year healthier and happier you and your pet.