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6 dog barks decoded

Barking means your pup is trying to tell you something, and the context of the bark can tell you what that something is.
Pet Care

What can you give dogs and cats for pain?

You don’t think twice about breaking out an over-the-counter medication and treating yourself—see why it's a different story for your pet.
Pet Care

Pet first aid tips

A pet first aid kit is important to have on-hand for unforeseen emergency situations. But even if you’ve built a kit – do you know how to use it?
Pet Health

Can hot pavement burn your dog's paws?

We all know the phrase “hot enough to fry an egg,” but pavement can also be hot enough to burn pets’ paws.
Pet Health

Why your dog might have a limp tail after swimming

Limber tail often occurs in dogs who have been swimming in cold water, and often causes pain a few inches from the tail base.
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What to pack in your pet first aid kit

Emergencies can happen at any time. Lucky for your pets, you’re ready for anything.
Pet Health

Arthritis in pets

There are several types of arthritis, but the most common type that affects pets is a chronic degenerative disease resulting from damaged cartilage.