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Fibrocartilaginous embolism in dogs

We see many injuries in dogs at work or play, but fibrocartilaginous embolism, or FCE, is one of the more disconcerting ones.
Pet Health

Elbow dysplasia in dogs

Read about elbow dysplasia in dogs, its causes and treatments, and how it may be affecting your pet.
Pet Health

The benefits of hydrotherapy for pets

Hydrotherapy is a great workout pets, and can put them on the path to a quicker recovery.
Pet Health

The challenges of cage rest

Just as humans are occasionally put on bed rest for medical reasons, our pets can be subject to cage rest, too!
Pet Care

The big chill: tips to protect pets during winter weather

Follow these safety tips to protect your pets during a winter storm.
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Who is healthiest? Dr. Ernie Ward discusses pedigrees and muttigrees

For my entire veterinary career IÔÇÖve held the assumption that mixed breed dogs were healthier than pure breeds. New research has vess questioning that hypothesis.
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Brain injuries in dogs

For the most part, canine brain injuries occur due to trauma.
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Abdominal adhesions in pets

Abdominal adhesions are bands of fibrous tissue that form between abdominal organs and tissues.